Download GTA 5 Crack

Download GTA 5 Crack

After a year of silence, these days Rockstar for not showing us more and more about the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5. First came a little closer to his players after his gameplay and now comes the icing on the cake: a spectacular second trailer . With this video of GTA 5 several things are evident: there are three very charismatic characters, missions will be more wild and spectacular than ever and returns a sense of humor to the series. You've probably seen the video a handful of times but also that you have missed a small detail. Join me in this progress and discover all the juice you can extract from the second trailer of GTA V.

Although he had a first approach to the three main characters in GTA 5, this second trailer we outline more their personalities. The first look is Michael , who will be the link between the three. As already stated, this mature excriminal enjoys a life of luxury. But all is not gold that glitters, as his family situation is not as pretty as you would like. In a first sequence we discuss in the kitchen with two women: the wife and daughter of Michael teenager. While this happens our antihero catfight rests in the pool ... "women's things", to think. But the main character is not always outside his family in another sequence we see how his young son gets into trouble several falls and how good his father's anger ... Normal Dad angry, but normal for sucker out well, because of a chip, and the parent is not known for having been in his youth a copy boy.

Proof of this is his close friendship with the second protagonist of GTA V, Trevor . As Michael explains in a trailer sequence, these two are best friends for many years, and seeing the big picture has all the earmarks of doing misdeeds they met. This second character is presented continuously as the craziest and unpredictable of the three. If Michael would have done well seems that Trevor is still a bully small fry, the typical offender hired a big shot to scare a rival-or directly to kill him. Do not fuck with tiny when its goal: if you have to scare someone does exploit the house with Molotov cocktails or straight kicks him in a ditch, two sequences we see in the video.

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