GTA 5 PC Download Full Game Free

 GTA 5 PC Full Game Free
While Rockstar has not revealed the exact release date of GTA V console (currently talking about the second quarter of the year), nothing has been announced yet about a possible PC version of the title. PC gamers are well aware, all GTA were treated to a PC version, even though it came out several months after the console versions. And while Rockstar has not announced nothing about the PC version, here site list in its products the opportunity to pre-order the PC version of GTA V . The online merchant is careful not to give any release date, just he displays the price of 49.99 €. The more impatient, however, may express their displeasure by signing the petition to the PC port of the game, which at the time of writing, has exceeded 140,000 signatures. · Grand Theft Auto V Forum

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GTA 5 PC Download Full Game Free