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Originally scheduled for next March, GTA V shows the date of its release dates pushed back to September to allow time for Rockstar to spend a little bit of polish on its war machine.
This is via a simple image and a short text that Rockstar in the news, causing thousands of syncope worldwide. In the words of the editor, this time nearly 4 months is necessary to refine in detail what "massively complex and ambitious" game so that it would best "standards that we (Rockstar) and you ( players) require. " Obviously, the whole is followed by a short speech offering small apology, and promised that the team will work hard to ensure that the game is spot on. All this is fine, but for the moment, it only affects the console version of the title because, as you probably know, the PC version has it, not yet formalized (despite the availability of offers Pre-order at Amazon ). However, if all goes as usual, it should land on our di'ci machinery at the end of the year, in a deplorable version responsible for bugs of all kinds, not optimized for a round, but that will make the pécéistes joy of all kinds. GTA anything. · Grand Theft Auto V Forum
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Download GTA 5 MODs