Download GTA 5 Full Version for PC

Download GTA 5 Full Version for PC

Quite possibly GTA 5 launch delayed, provided you have been optimistic until now . We explained: many fans of the series believe that the game will, at best, in March 2013 (taking the promise that spring would far hairs). However, a user of GTAForums , GTASeriesFan, cruente found a test would show that the title would come later. Behold the image in question , from a statement entered on Softpedia.

Just in case you do not know English, statements, via Softpedia , are the boss of Take-Two, Rockstar distributor. This confirms that the forecasts for sales sandbox are framed in fiscal year 2014 , which starts in April this year. Reactions have been consistent ironically. "I see a lot more realistic than the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 takes place this month," said another user of GTAForums, GSi. "The staff thinks that the game will be released in March is a bit stupid" ....

The release date is one of the great mysteries of GTA 5
The release date is one of the few mysteries that remain about the game. Thus R * has confirmed that reveal the cover of GTA 5 in late January . It is possible, though not certain, that revelation is accompanied by a clue to help us realize the day of the desired output sandbox. Do not believe us? Just convince you with our special report . And remember, sometimes the information, or informants, should leave a long time for reasons beyond the project. Whenever that happens, I recommend patience. Sooner or later, the tap is reopened.
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Download GTA 5 Full Version for PC